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All the screens below are Cortex screens from client projects.
Reuters Pictures Orange Logic DAM
The international news agency needed a central platform to gather and distribute its images and graphics.
UNICEF Orange Logic DAM
With over a hundred offices worldwide, UNICEF needed an efficient tool to centralize and share all its assets.
Boeing Orange Logic DAM
This major manufacturer centralizes, shares and licenses their collections of assets with Cortex.
Lincoln Center Orange Logic DAM
This American institution needed a platform to store and distribute its material.
Trunk Archive Orange Logic DAM
This full service image licensing agency representing some of the most engaging and sought after contemporary photographers wanted a platform to store and license its unique collection.
Greenpeace International Orange Logic DAM
This international NGO uses Cortex across 55 offices worldwide to share, present, secure and distribute their assets.
Museum of the City of New York Orange Logic DAM
MCNY uses Cortex to store and present to the public the Museum's collections on the history of New York City.
MSF — Doctors Without Borders Orange Logic DAM
This global NGO wanted a centralized tool to store and share its media across its 25 locations around the globe.
Gallery Stock Orange Logic DAM
This high-end photo agency wanted to provide a first rate experience to its users.
UNHCR — The UN Refugee Agency Orange Logic DAM
This branch of the United Nations needed a platform to streamline its internal communications and outreach communications with the public.
Magnum Photos Orange Logic DAM
The oldest international cooperative photo agency wanted a platform to preserve and license its rich collection spanning nearly a century.
The Global Fund Orange Logic DAM
The Global Fund needed a DAM to manage current and upcoming production and distribution of digital assets to support campaigns, initiatives and fundraising to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.
Facing History Orange Logic DAM
This educational and professional development organization produces and publishes material on racism, prejudice, and antisemitism. Facing History wanted an enterprise-wide DAM system for the management, preservation, and accessibility of current and legacy assets.
Art Partner Orange Logic DAM
This leading artists management and creative content agency uses Cortex for syndication, licensing and print sales.
Image Source Orange Logic DAM
The UK largest producer of royalty free stock imagery and motion clips uses Cortex to license royalty free and royalty managed assets directly and through distribution partners worldwide.
Arcangel Orange Logic DAM
Arcangel specialises in supplying highly creative photography to the book industry.
The agency uses Cortex to promote and license images to discerning picture buyers.
Art + Commerce Orange Logic DAM
In its commitment to extend the cultural currency of new and historically significant photographs, this agency needed a platform that would give it freedom of action.
AKG Images Orange Logic DAM
This picture library specializes in history, fine art and photography. The company has a rich collection of millions of images and needed a centralized DAM to make it available in 3 different interfaces, 3 different languages.
Newspix Orange Logic DAM
Newspix is the image licensing and syndication department for News Limited, one of Australia’s largest news corporation. They use Cortex to feature and licenses archive images and new content.
Fairfax Syndication Orange Logic DAM
Fairfax Syndication combines the commercial licensing of current and archival content available from Fairfax Media publications with a consumer-oriented service for the reproduction of photos and newspaper front pages.
Art Resource Orange Logic DAM
Art Resource is one of the largest fine art photo archive, licensing art historical images from the world's major museums and commercial archives including the Metropolitan Museum, Museum of Modern Art, and Andy Warhol Foundation.